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Become an Affiliate

Every subscriber is potentially a sales agent, but if you have a high-traffic retail storefront you should consider becoming an affiliate (or agent). Some of the benefits of becoming an affiliate include:

Turn Walk-In Traffic Into Sales

Turn your walk-in traffic into a new revenue stream. Every patron is a potential subscriber who will produce dividends on an ongoing basis. Depending on the type of commission structure you choose, those new subscribers may also become salespeople for you, if they choose to also help promote the service to others. As evidenced by the referral rewards calculate, the dollars can add up very quickly.

Interested Parties Please Contact Us

If you have a high-traffic business or organization that might benefit from increased revenue generated by simply signing folks up for a great Internet service value, please contact us.

Be sure to tell us something about your business, and in particular how you plan to capitalize on the traffic flow that you have access to, in order to sell more Internet service accounts. Click here to send an e-mail to a business representative who will review your inquiry.

Marketing Resources provides marketing resoruces to help you be successfull in your referral efforts. For the marketing reources page, please click here.

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